Speak Your Truth and Heal your Heart by Christy Lynn Abram

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Your Past Does Not Define You. It is the Roadmap to your Purpose.

The broken girl within has ruled your life long enough. She has given you fear, anger, and pain but you deserve to live a purposeful life. You are beautiful, bright, and capable. It's time to show the world who you are. This inspiring, humorous guide, is packed with personal accounts, powerful self-reflection, and self-love tips. The book features:
  • How to heal past hurts with expressive writing
  • Tips to build healthy boundaries with unhealthy people
  • How to control and transform negative self-talk like a bawse
  • 10 powerful writing prompts for self-reflection and healing
  • An easy formula for finding forgiveness and living your best life
  • A free downloadable self-care guide to kickstart your healing journey

Speak Your Truth, Heal Your Heart, delivers a beautiful narrative designed to help you let go of discomfort and fall in love with the new you!