Eat It Later: Mastering Self-Control Over Food by Michael Alvear

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Release the hold unhealthy foods have on you with deceptively simple approaches therapists swear by. “A wellness strategy that changes the way you think about food." -- Kirkus Reviews "RECOMMENDED"

Dramatically reduce your intake of fat bombs like french fries or ice cream with techniques psychologists developed to treat drug addicts.

They'll stop mindless eating and “shrink” your stomach so you can eat much smaller portions without feeling cheated or deprived.

The result?

Significant and permanent weight loss.

Learn The Keys To Self-Control.

You are not going to get a list of foods to eat or avoid.

Or recipes or meal suggestions.

You're not going to count calories, fat, carbs or sugar.

You're going to liberate yourself from unhealthy foods the way psychologists liberate addicts from drugs.

A Kirkus Reviews "RECOMMENDED!" Book

“A wellness strategy that changes the way you think about food. Alvear’s writing style and the structure of his book make for an easy read and, more importantly, easy use in daily life.” -- KIRKUS REVIEWS