Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler Aromatherapy 3 Pack

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FOCUS AND INVIGORATE: Filled with pure and potent essential oils. The nasal inhalers contain natural, plant-based aromas. A breath-in of the peppermint will instantly reduce your stress, center your energy and revive your vitality. The peppermint is known to increase concentration and focus, relieve headaches and soothe stomach aches. Great for long-distance drivers! The lavender relaxes the nervous system. Today’s word is “chill” - that’s what drawing in the lavender aromatic oils will do for you.
ENHANCE BREATHING: The refreshing pure essential oil vapors of eucalyptus improve breathing, open the airways, make you feel like you can breathe easier and is incredibly refreshing.
HIGH QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our skilled and experienced herbalist uses only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils. Each pack contains one peppermint, one eucalyptus and one lavender refreshing inhalers. The essential oil inhalers retain their extraordinary aroma for up to 3 months! Made and packaged in the USA.
USE YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS ANYWHERE! Small size is carried or stored easily in a shirt pocket or on the dashboard. Feeling a bit tense in the classroom, at work or driving in your car? A few gentle aromatherapy inhales will refresh you and relax you. Great for young children to take along to school to help them in stressful moments to refocus and relax.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not completely satisfied we have a risk-free guarantee. Order your essential oil nasal inhalers now with serenity. 
About the product
  • High quality organic oils hand picked flowers refined in a pristine environment
  • Peppermint can sooth the stomach and also wake you up when a bit fatigued
  • Lavender is enjoyable and delightful to the smell
  • Eucalyptus cleans the air makes you feel refreshed while opening your airways
  • Open, smell and enjoy immediately for at least 3 months